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two russian girls play with pussy [vintage photo]

N: hellou, ludmilla, how are u?
L: oh, natasha, it is u! how nice of you to call. i was most bored

N: but why? what were u doing?

L: oh, actually nothing. i was lying in my bed in underwear thinking "oh, i am so bored"

N: well, we should meet. we could play with my pussy. i've totally neglected it for the last days.

L: oh, natasha, i would really love to play with you and your pussy!  i will bring my favourite toys i use to play with my pussy.

N: great. where do we meet? in the park?

L: Yes, but in one hour. i must get dressed. what will u be wearing?

N: oh, nothing special. my large white dress with mauve flowers. it is very hot outside. i'm thinking about not wearing any kind of underwear, but i must be very careful. last time i did go out without panties on my mother found out and called me a slut.

L: why don't you wear a pair of hot pants whitout underwear? my mother thinks it is ok for me not to wear underwear when i put on my red hot-pants. and my uncle vania also likes it very much. he said i look very good and advised me to also wear a hat so i don't get sun-sick. he actually bought me a red hat. i will wear the hat. i like it. but not very much.

N: oh, Ludmilla, i like your folks oh so very much. they don't call you filthy slut, they don't bother you too much and they let you play with your pussy all day long without nagging you about homework or grades.  my folks are so up-tight.

L: see you in the park, natasha!

N: see ya! 


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  1. i think they are castrating that cat

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